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Vancouver Washington based advertising company that helps small businesses get noticed

The Sign Spinning Mannequin can truly be your ace in the hole for making your signs stand apart from every other sign in town, guaranteeing that your business gets noticed, and increasing your sales. Mann-E-Spin sign spinning / waving mannequin will increase your sales the same day that they are placed at your location. Sign spinning mannequins can rotate the same message all day and night without taking a break, or you can change the message on the sign board in just seconds to fit with the message you want your customers to see. As an example, you can have a special for breakfast, a different special for lunch and then change your special again for dinner. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure. When you have our sign spinning mannequins at your location, your sales will increase guaranteed. contact sign Mann-E-Spin today You’re essentially getting a full time sign spinning employee without all of the hassle. A twenty- four-seven employee that spins your advertisement DAY OR NIGHT. No breaks or vacation time. Never complains and is never sick or late to work. No health insurance, no workers comp. Best of all, no paying $2400+ a month to maintain a full time sign waver (eight hours a day, ten dollars an hour, thirty days a month). Increase your revenue NOW. If you want increased foot traffic, more sales and a more effective method of advertising, the Sign Spinning Mannequin is the answer. Get your own Sign Spinning Mannequin, and have a dynamic, kinetic advertisement that gets more attention, and generates more customers, 365 days a year
Get all the benefits of a human Sign Spinner, without the Hassle or Ongoing Expense.
	Sign Spinning Mannequin 	motor and stand 	Up to 16 Hour Battery 	Charger 	Basic Mannequin Outfit 	Mannequin Wig 	six month limited warranty  variety of costume possibilities (costume can affect price) YOU GET: 	Restaurants 	Fast food 	Salon and Spas 	Dry cleaners 	Tax services 	Loans 	Cash For Gold Shops  Any business wanting customers PERFECT FOR:
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Pays for itself in as little as 14 days!